Welcome to the firm

During a person’s lifetime there are moments when the support of a qualified professional constitutes a fundamental value. One of my duties is to identify any risks involved in economic, real estate and business operations. My daily work is to support people in order to protect them in the best possible way.

"Leave nothing to chance"

Edoardo Del Monte

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Areas of expertise

We offer you the best legal service in the following areas

Real Estate

We support you in any transaction, guaranteeing a complete protection

Mortgages and Loans

We put you in touch with the main credit institutions and assist you in signing the deed

Inheritance and Succession

Declaration of succession, last will and testament, digital will and hereditary divisions

Generational Transfer of Companies and Assets

It is important to plan the transition at a legal and fiscal level. Discover the best solutions

Businesses Tax Law

We deal with the fiscal analysis of the business operations of your interest

Startup & Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

The development of your business passes through the correct legal instruments

Associations & Foundations

Regulation and establishment of non-profit institutions, non-profit organisations and social enterprises


Asset relationships within the family. Find out how the Notary can help you

Trust & Estate Protection

Trust as a multipurpose tool. The other instruments of assets protection

International Services

Translation and legalization of documents related to international operations

Digital and Software

Personal data processing, software protection and IT law

Corporate and Business

We support you in adopting the most efficient entrepreneurial and fiscal choices

Our Professionals

The Notary Office is made up of a team of lawyers and professionals with specific experience in the legal and notary sectors



BENEDETTA SANZONE LAWYER Benedetta Sanzone has been a lawyer and member of the Rome Bar since 2003 and has been collaborating with the Notarial Office since 2019. She is specialized in contract, real estate and civil law, mortgages and loans,


Ufficio Atti

VIRGINIA MARRAS UFFICIO ATTI Virginia Marras collabora con lo Studio dall’inizio 2021. Professionista in ambito giuridico con diversi anni di esperienza all’interno di studi notarili e legali. È specializzata in diritto civile, con particolare riguardo al diritto di famiglia, successorio,

Del Monte

Founder and Notary

EDOARDO DEL MONTE FOUNDER – NOTARY Edoardo Del Monte is Notary in Rome and is the founder of the Firm. He is specialized in contract, civil, real estate, company and business tax laws. A former official of the Italian Revenue

Del Monte

Office Manager

GIULIA DEL MONTE OFFICE MANAGER Giulia Del Monte has been collaborating with the firm since its establishment in 2016. She deals with customer care, customer relationship management, business strategy, internal business processes, financial management, communication and marketing. She has cooperated


Finance & Administration

ADELE BASILE FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Adele Basile has been collaborating with the firm since May 2020. She is an expert in corporate finance and control, administration and management control, economic analysis of business processes and technical and economic support to

Del Manzo

Post-stipulation obligations


The value of our consultancy

Choosing our Office means relying on professionals who are always ready to listen to you and to develop specific
and bespoke solutions

Why choose us

Our Office was established with the mission of meeting the customer’s needs in any possible way, respecting the highest moral principles of the profession

Assistance before and after signature

We take care of the client throughout the procedure.

Expertise and professionalism

Multidisciplinary professionals working in synergy.

Continuous training and update

This allows us to offer the most appropriate and up-to-date solutions.

International perspective

We are by your side in international transactions

Did you stipulate a deed with us? Did you stipulate a deed with a notary who is no longer active?